Why Dont You Care - The Remake

by Nicole Coward



A contemporary remake of the Nicole Coward original and title track song from 2012. A simple plea for compassion. This recording displays ethereal vocals and beautiful layering of piano work and tribal percussion.

Here is a current review of the new single...
'On this complete remake of Nicole's "Why Don't you Care" I particularly enjoy the piano as it has quite an intricate ambiance which accompanies her harmonies throughout the song. The sound is well mixed and mastered. I also like how the percussion feels and how it gives the song a complete groovy vibe beginning a little less than halfway through the tune. And the lyrics, oh man the lyrics... build up and have this catharsis which takes place in somber melodies toward the end of the song.'

-Aaron Young
Hangout Records
Memphis, TN


Oh seasons pass by, how quickly they come
And what have you done, that will be passed on…and, seen, in your
Great grand-children’s eyes, what do you think they would say?
If they told you right now, if their proud of what you did with your day

So, why don’t you care, don’t you dare, do what you know that you should do?

Keeping your mind closed up, well that seems so sublime
Until you open the blinds and that light of truth will shine
Will it make you go blind? Or do you even dare?
Or do you even care? ‘Cause it might take you somewhere


For cryin’ out loud look up
And get the hell of your comfy spot…
And make a difference, help your neighbour, understand your sister, talk to your father
Listen to your teacher, forget who’s better,and let’s take it further, for each other


What does a creature need, to have for you to care?
Does it need to walk up the stairs, or to wear underwear?
Have you looked in the eyes, of another who's living their last days?
Can your care really wait?
Oops, did you forget to pray?


released November 30, 2015
Vocals: Nicole Coward
Produced, mixed and mastered by Sean Michael Paddison
All other instruments by Sean Michael Paddison



all rights reserved


Nicole Coward Toronto, Ontario

Songbird is like "... the old-school chick and guitar folkster, she is honest and real..." - Rocinante. A Toronto based singer/songwriter who's music is profound and from the heart. She is frequently compared to artists such as Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. She has performed in many venues and on many live radio shows across Ontario as well as a few Rogers TV shows. ... more


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